How to prevent our wallet from being hacked?

I hope you never experience hacking, so I wrote this story to work in this market with more awareness.

An anonymous hacker

Beware of VPNs

It does not matter where you live. You may use VPNs to protect your privacy. So you must be sure that you are using a reliable VPN, VPNs can have a lot of access to your information. So it’s better to be careful in choosing them. If they aren’t reliable, all your information is at risk.(reliable VPNs can also be dangerous)

VPN security tunnel
VPN security tunnel
VPN Encrypted Tunnel
Malicious VPN Tunnel
Malicious VPN Tunnel
Malicious VPN Tunnel

Proper maintenance of the wallet backup key

Most wallets, including software and hardware wallets, give you a number of words (usually 12 or 24 words) as retrieval phrases to recover your passwords.( to transfer the cryptocurrency to another wallet; You need their private key)

  • store the key as a QR code.( make sure to disconnect from the internet)

Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy

If you don’t want to trade constantly and are thinking of long-term investment, I suggest using hardware wallets.

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